How to Build a Save and Continue Link on Form Abandonment


Have you ever wanted to provide a link that will act like a save and continue button with the Form Abandonment addon? Using query strings, you can easily send out a notification to only people who abandon the form that would include a link back to the form with any form fields already filled in.

In this tutorial, we’re going to walk you through the steps on how to achieve this.

Since the Form Abandonment version 1.5.0, you can now enable particular notifications to only users who abandon the form. We’re going to use that setting to send an email to anyone who abandons our form and using query strings as well as enabling the dynamic fields population, we’ll pre-populate any fields they’ve already completed.

Creating your form

To begin, create a new form and add the Name, Email, Single Line Text, and Paragraph Text form fields to the form.

If you need any help creating a form, please see this documentation.

create your form and add your fields

After adding the form fields you’ll also need to check the box for Enable dynamic fields population which can be found on the Settings » General tab.

On the General tab just remember to check the box to Enable dynamic field population

Adding the Form Abandonment settings

Next, we’ll need to enable the Form Abandonment settings. While inside the form builder, click on the Settings » Form Abandonment tab. Check the box to Enable form abandonment lead capture. For the purpose of this documentation, we also have the Save only if email address or phone number is provided and the Prevent duplicate abandon entries options enabled as well because we know we want to send an email for the user to act as a save and continue link for later so we’ll need to the email address in order to send that notification.

enable the form abandonment for the form

For our form, we’re going to have two notifications. One will be sent to anyone who successfully completes the form and one will be sent to only those who abandon the form.

When you create your form, a Default Notification is already created for you. Since we want a different notification to be sent for only abandon entries, we’ll create a new notification.

If you need more information on how to create multiple email notifications, please see this article.

for this type of notification just remember to check the box to Enable for abandoned forms entries so that this notification will only be sent to those who abandon the form

Just remember to check the box to Enable for abandoned forms entries so that this notification will only be sent to those who abandon the form.

Once you’ve created a new email notification for the abandoned entries, you’ll just need to build a link inside your message field that will capture any information the user has already completed so it will be pre-populated when they visit the form.

When using query strings, you’ll need to know the form ID number and the field ID number for each field in your form. If you’re not sure where to find these numbers, please take a look at this tutorial.

The save and continue link we’ll provide in our email notification will include the permalink for the page that has the form as well as the query strings needed for each field in the form.

For example, our form ID is 324 and the field ID for the Name field on our form is 0.

So in order to pass through and pre-populate this field (if it was completed) would be{field_id="0"}.

Now we’ll just need to add the remaining fields from the form to the query string. The Email Address field is the field ID 1, How did you hear about the event (Single Text Field) is field ID 4, the Phone field is field ID 6, and the What are you hoping to gain from the event? (Paragraph Text) is field ID 2.

So our complete message for this particular notification is going to be:

Hi! We noticed you didn't complete your registration for our upcoming event!

If you'd like to finish completing the form, please follow this 
<a href="{field_id="0"}&wpf324_1={field_id="1"}&wpf324_4={field_id="4"}&wpf324_6={field_id="6"}&wpf324_2={field_id="2"}">link</a>.

add the save and continue link to your email notification by using the query strings for the form fields in your link

There may be certain fields such as Checkbox, Dropdown, etc that may not pre-populate. It’s best to always test the form first to be sure.

Now when the form is abandoned and the email address is captured a special notification will be sent to these users that will capture the information they have already filled out and send them a link to continue completing the form.

now when they click the save and continue link, certain fields will be pre-populated with the information they've already filled in

And that’s all you need! Would you like to also add a BCC to your email notifications? Take a look at our tutorial on How to Add a BCC To Email Notifications.