WPForms 2021 Year in Review (Annual Report)

2020 has been quite the year. We passed 5 million active installs and crossed over 90 million total downloads. We’re now the #9 most popular plugin in WordPress.org with more than 10,000 5-Star reviews. Most importantly, in 2021 we added many new features and integrations. Take a peek at our 2021 Annual Report to see everything that happened last year.

We really appreciate your support – we couldn’t have done it without you!

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Introducing the Save and Resume Addon for WPForms

Introducing the New Save and Resume Addon for WPForms

Ready for some exciting news? We’re super excited to introduce the brand new Save and Resume addon for WPForms Pro!  With Save and Resume, you can let your visitors save their progress on any form and resume it later. Our Save and Resume addon will make long forms much easier to complete. It’s perfect […]

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Introducing the New Square Addon for WPForms

The easier we can make it for you to make money, the better. That’s why we’re so proud to announce the official release of the Square Addon for WPForms. A Square integration has been one of the most highly requested features, making this an incredibly exciting release. So let’s jump right in.  Easy Setup […]

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Introducing the Updated Form Locker Addon

We’re excited to announce that we’re giving you more of what you love – control over your forms. The Form Locker addon continues to grow in popularity so it’s just been updated with some great new abilities along with a fresh design. We’ve made it easy to restrict ages, verify email addresses, and more. So […]

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Introducing the Updated Mailchimp Addon for WPForms

It should be easy to use WPForms and Mailchimp together. We know Mailchimp is an extremely popular email marketing service, so we’re excited to introduce you to the Mailchimp 2.0 addon for WPForms. If you thought it was simple using Mailchimp and WPForms before, just wait until you see what’s new with the addon. Mailchimp […]

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WPForms 2020 Year in Review (Annual Report)

2020 was quite the year. We passed 4 million active installs and crossed over 56 million total downloads. We’re now one of the top 10 most popular plugins in WordPress.org and received 7,000 5-Star reviews. Most importantly, in 2020 we added many new features and integrations. Take a peek at our 2020 Annual Report to check out everything that happened last year.

We really appreciate your support – we couldn’t have done it without you!

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Announcing hCaptcha Support + Sendinblue Integration

Keeping your website forms secure and free from spam is not only important but should be simple. And that’s why we’re excited to introduce you to our new hCaptcha integration, which is available to all users in WPForms v1.6.4. But there’s more! Based on your feedback, we’re expanding our available marketing integrations with our new […]

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Introducing the User Journey Addon for WPForms

Ever wondered what your visitors look at before they submit your forms? Wait no longer. The awesome new User Journey addon for WPForms reveals it all! Now you can easily trace each visitor’s path through your site, right up to the moment they hit ‘Submit’! Let’s take a look at how it works. See Every […]

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Introducing the Salesforce addon for WPForms

Introducing the New Salesforce Addon for WPForms

Today, we’re excited to announce the brand new Salesforce addon for WPForms! The Salesforce addon will let you automatically send form entries from WPForms to Salesforce CRM. Goodbye, manual admin. Hello, automation! If you’ve been copying data from your form entries to Salesforce, this addon will be a game-changer. And you don’t need to pay […]

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Announcing Improvements for Elementor Integration & Anti-Spam, +More

Building your forms should be as easy as possible. And protecting your forms should be simple too. So that’s why we’re beyond excited to introduce you to WPForms 1.6.2 and all the cool new features inside. Strap in because our latest release has some fantastic updates we think you’re going to love. Elementor Integration Improvements […]

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Introducing the Webhooks Addon for WPForms

If you want to connect your WordPress forms with external services, we want to make sure you can. And that’s why we’re so excited to announce the release of the Webhooks addon. Here’s a breakdown of exactly what this new feature can do for you and your small business website. Powerful Flexibility With Integrations You […]

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Announcing the New Dropdown Field — WPForms 1.6.1 Is Here

We get it — Sometimes you have a lot of data that you want to manage on your forms. And keeping it all organized needs to be easy. So we’re thrilled to introduce you to WPForms 1.6.1, featuring our all-new dropdown field. It’s now easier than ever to collect data from your visitors, while keeping […]

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Introducing the Authorize.Net Addon for WPForms

Being able to accept payments online should be easy for everyone, no matter what payment platform you want to use on your site. So, we’re delighted to announce that the Authorize.Net addon is here. You can now easily create Authorize.Net payment forms in WordPress that accept credit cards right on your website. So let’s dive […]

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WPForms Hits 6,000 5-Star Reviews — Giveaway Time!

It’s official — WPForms just passed 6,000 5-star reviews on WordPress.org. We’re beyond grateful for all the love and hope you know the feeling is mutual. We’re extremely excited to hit this milestone and know we couldn’t have done it without you. To celebrate, we’ve launched a limited-time giveaway! WPForms Celebration Giveaway We want to […]

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Introducing WPForms 1.6.0 – Entry Editing Is Here!

Getting accurate data and having control over your form entries should be simple. After all, you put a lot of work into getting form submissions! That’s why we’re so excited to introduce Form Entries in WPForms 1.6.0! Here’s what this newest feature means for you and your website. Entry Editing The newest version of WPForms […]

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WPForms + WPML: Multilingual Site and Form Translation

No matter how large or small your website is, there should be ways to translate your forms for multiple languages. And that’s why we’re thrilled to announce our partnership with WPML. This collaboration makes your website and forms accessible to even more people and customers across the globe, so you can continue to grow your […]

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Announcing the ActiveCampaign Addon — Integrated Email Marketing

Connecting your web forms to whatever email marketing platform you use should be easy, and the outcome should be effective. That’s why we’re super excited to announce that we’ve released the highly-requested ActiveCampaign addon. The ActiveCampaign addon makes it even easier for small business owners to grow their business online by making it simple for […]

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WPForms + ListingPro: Create Smart Directory Websites Easily

Creating an organized directory website without hiring a developer should be easy, especially if you want to manage it yourself. And that’s why we’re so thrilled to announce our new partnership with ListingPro. ListingPro lets you build a gorgeous, featured-packed directory website that can help you make money online. Now even more people can make […]

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WPForms + WP Activity Log: Smarter Data Logging

Keeping track of everything that’s happening on your website can be overwhelming sometimes, especially for non-technical people. We know this, so we’ve made it a goal to creates solutions that make running your website, and knowing exactly what’s happening with it, even easier. So that’s why we’re so thrilled to announce our partnership with WP […]

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We’ve Hit 3K+ Members in the WPForms VIP Circle Group

The WPForms VIP Circle Group has hit a big milestone — we now have over 3,000 members. We’re grateful and excited to watch this VIP community soar past the 3k mark, but we’re not surprised! Our users continue to impress us with their supportive and refreshing spirit, so thank you. Here are the details on […]

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Introducing the New Access Controls Feature — WPForms 1.5.8

We just rolled out our first release of 2020, and it’s one worth celebrating. We’re always hard at work bringing you the new features you ask for, and we’re really excited about this one! It’s time for Site Admins to rejoice… You can now limit what your users can access in the WPForms plugin. Here’s […]

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